Rim - Rezilyens, LLC



With an exponential growth in their customer base, our airline client support team was burdened with increasing volume of work. The challenge faced by Rezilyens was to
deliver a customized solution for the client in a short timeframe, which would seamlessly integrate with the client's existing IT infrastructure.

Rezilyens Touch:

Rezilyens adopted a well-planned phased approach to smoothly transition the IT Infrastructure management operations to the remote location at Rezilyens's offshore center. Rezilyens established multiple support teams that provided a wide array of IT support services to the client. By working in overlapping shifts, Rezilyen’s support teams were able to provide real-time, 24x7 support to address any issues raised from the client side.



The 24/7 support model resulted in uninterrupted services to the client and their end customers, improving the client's business credibility. By outsourcing the IT infrastructure support & management operations to Rezilyens, the client was able to focus on its core operations and generate more business.