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Big Data

Improve Conversion Process: 

Implemented an analytics solution for a retail client to track leads through the entire sales conversion process, from a click on an ad word to the final transaction, in order to uncover insights on how the conversion process can be improved. 

Identify Customer Values: 

Enabled telecom client leveraging multiple indicators, such as billing and sentiment analysis, in order to identify customers that can be upgraded to higher quality products, as well as to identify those with a high lifetime customer-value, so its team can focus on retaining those customers. 

Big Data Analytics 

Optimize Funnel Conversion

Improve Customer Retention:

Implemented a big data solution for a communications client in order to improve customer retention and boost its market share by improving the marketing campaign process. The company used real-time data to create a personalized campaign for each customer based on which products or offers the customer would most want or need.

Predict Consumer Buying Behavior:

Leveraged predictive analytics to predict which financial products or services a customer would appreciate, so it can better target consumers during the sales process. With these insights, the bank increased average revenue by 22 percent and reduced costs by 9 percent.

Big Data Analytics 

Optimize Funnel Conversion